Clinical Practice of 21 Students of Ners Profesion Program in Makassar


A total of 21 students of profession program Ners 06, Faculty of Health Science, Muhammadiyah University of Gorontalo (FIKES UMGo) undergo a clinical practice of mental nursing at RSKD mental hospital in Makassar. On Tuesday (6/3) the students along with  the head of theUniversity and faculty members is welcomed by the Makassar RSKD Mental Hospital in a ceremonial event. This clinical practice, as explained by the vice dean of FIKES, Pipin yunus, S. Kep, Ns., M. Kes, is an annual event associated with the students’ course both to the bachelor of nursing students and Ners profession. Meanwhile, the vice rector 4, Dr. Munkizul Umam Kau, M. Phil who accompany the students to the RSKD Mental Hospital states the importance of this program and that it will be continued every year.  “the university chairman is very appreciative with this chance given by the government of Sulawesi Selatan province through Dadi hospital that allows  the students to carry out their mental care practice in RS Dadi,” as confirmed by Munkizul via wa last night. Moreover, Munkizul said that as the head of the university he has conveyed to the students that they should always learn more and more and be able to keep the good reputation of the institution.