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The CAMPUS of ENLIGHTENMENT-After becoming speaker in the seminar on reproductive health organized BKKBN Province of Gorontalo, on Wednesday (12/12) yesterday, Prof. Dr. Fasli Djalil SpGK, Deputy Minister of education and culture (wamendikbud) era of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), bersilaturrahim with civitas akademika Muhammadiyah University of Indonesia (UM Go). Prof. Dr. Fasli greeted President and the whole civitas Academica UM Go in the Hall of the 2nd floor of LP2M building. He greeted the UM Rector Go directly to Dr. dr. H. Muhammad Jusuf Isman, SP. S Vice-Chancellor as well as accompanied by their leadership in the campus environment enlightenment UM Go. The UM Rector Go Dr. dr. H. Muhammad Jusuf Isman, SP. S claiming to visit silaturrahim from this era wamendikbud SBY, is an honor for the campus. As is known, a visit Prof. Dr. Go to UM fasli, besides wanting to bersilaturrahim with the leadership and the civitas Academica, also in order to follow up on the first day of 1000 program related life (PPC), which is a program of the status of Midwifery UM Go in order to prevent maternal and child deaths , including malnutrition and stunting. Visit Prof. Dr. Go to UM fasli, as if nostalgia is back with a campus that was once the ink of history was born in 2008, where he served as Director General of higher education. And in the past served as Director General, the operational permit Gorontalo UM out. "In fact, she still remembers the time of visitasi in the framework of the establishment of the UM campus Go, still occupies the building of the HIGH SCHOOL muhammadiyah. He was very impressed with the development of the UM Go this time. He hoped UM Go can be a superior College, competitive power and berkemajuan in the future, "imbuh UM Rector Go Dr. dr. H. Muhammad Jusuf Isman, Sp's after receiving a visit Prof. Dr. Fasli Djalil, Sp.GK. End silaturrahim, Rector of UM Go Dr. dr. H. Muhammad Jusuf Isman, SP. S handing of gifts or souvenirs to Prof. Dr. Djali Fasli, SpGK

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