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Muhammadiyah University of Indonesia (UM Go), conducting the election of the Son of the daughter of the enlightenment of the year 2018, Monday (10/12) in Indoor Building David Bobihoe.

The event, themed "custom bersendikan syara, syara ' bersendikan Book", which followed the Messenger son daughter Prodi-prodi who is on the Faculty of UMGo.

"The year 2017 election of son-daughter campus was vacuum, therefore remember this activity is very important so this year held" said
The Rector of the University of Indonesia and Muhamadiyah, Dr. dr. H. Muhammad Yusuf Isman SP. S, when giving his speech.

He continued, this activity is very important and need to be held, because it can improve performance and motivate students to do for the nation and campus progress and the country.

He revealed the event like this, such as event nou and uti for a scale of Gorontalo, Indonesia Mis for national scale and Mis Universe to the international scale.

"This sort of event nou and uti for the County, and if the scale of the world e.g. universe, usually both national and internasioanal ad 3 B stands for" beauty "(aka beauty)," brain "(aka furious) and" behaviour "(alias behavior).
We find it is just the son of the daughter of superior, which is not only an intelligent or smart, naturally also islamiyah and adopting noble and have a good atitude also "clearly Rector.

"Champion of the results for that event, may be the leading example so for other students in the College process, social action, and keagamawan. And we strongly encourage students, can innovate and develop his creativity, "he said.

Person number one UMGo an enlightenment this dikampus also expect full, through the hands of a competent jury, can give birth to a superior champion, scientific, and akhlaqiyah.

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