A Meeting related to the CBT (Computer-Based Test) Laboratory Development to Support Competency Test for Nursing Alumni

The UMGo officials decided to provide a laboratory of CBT (Computer-Based Test) because of the increasing number of Health Science graduates, especially The Department of Ners to support the graduates to pursue the competency test. The officials of UMGo held a meeting to discuss the plan of developing the CBT laboratory which was led by Prof. Dr. H. Moon Otoluwa, M.Hum, the First-Vice Rector of UMGo and attended by Drs. Sjamsuddin N. Tuli, Second Vice Rector of UMGo and other officials. As the result of the meeting, the university will provide 55 units of computers and enlarge the existing computer laboratory. The UMGo Planning Division will design the physical development of the laboratory by considering the general terms and conditions. The Head of the Department of Ners, Rona Febriyona, S.Kep, Ns, M.Kes explained that Computer Based Test is a Competency Test for Nursing Graduates which use computer as the medium. “the percentages of Nursing graduates increase in number every year. So that, the university has already prepared for CBT Laboratory to support the nursing comptency test.” Said Rona.

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