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Stunting is a pathophysiology change characterized by stunted growth in height, increased number of deaths and decreased physical strength and nerve growth in children. Usually, children with stunting has a shorter height than his age. Studies showed that stunting decreased earnings as adults 20%. In addition, stunting can cause weakness of the immune system. To prevent stunting, parents have to be aware and have sufficient knowledge about stunting. Stunting can be prevented from the baby first 1000 days of life. UMGo officials and the department of midwifery Faculty of Health Sciences in collaboration with local goverment held a Stadium General on Saturday, April 14, 2018, in accordance with the effort of preventing stunting through first 1000 days of life accomponiment by presenting an expert Prof. Dr. dr. Veny Hadju, M.Sc, Ph.D. The head of the department of midwifery, dr. Zulaikha Asikin, stated  that the program of first 1000 days of life accompaniment is an effective way to prevent stunting, “Alhamdulillah, this program has been well implemented.” She also added that this stadium general was a kind of effort to strengthen the university students when they are in charge. Exclussive breastfeeding is a very effective way in preventing stunting. “Babies who get exclussive breastfeeding tend to have a higher IQ then babies who do not get exclussive breastfeeding. Even, it can help them to get higher income.” She added. The advantages of exclussive breastfeeding are not for babies, but also for women. It helps women to prevent breast cancer and cervics cancer even bone cancer. 90% of brain growth occurs from the fetus until five years.  While 70% of brain growth occurs at the baby under two years. If the disruption of brain growth happens during this age, it is irreversible which measns it can be cured and the baby will grow imperfectly.

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