Friendship To Indonesia Post

To The Designation,
1. Chairman Of The Board Of Trustees Of The Daily
2. The Secretary Of The Agency's Daily Builder


Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

            Teriring greetings and prayers may Allah bestow mercy, taufiq and hidayah to us in running day-day activities, Amen.
      With respect to the visit had the chairmanship of Muhammadiyah University of Gorontalo, Gorontalo Post Office, we invite you to the leadership to participate in the activity in question is present that God willing will be held on:

Day/date: Saturday, September 13, 2018
Time: 12.30:
Place: Office Of Indonesia Post
Note: Prayer in the mosque of Yusuf Polapa Dzuhur and along the same to Friendship with Campus Buses

      Such an invitation is delivered over its presence conveyed thanks.
Nasrun minallah wa fathun qarib
Wassalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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