Coaching Program for Participants of the 12th Community Service Program

The participants of The 12th Community Service Program attended Coaching Program held by The Institute of Research and Community Service of UMGo, Monday, February 26 in David Bobihoe Akib Building.  It is one of the main requirements that has to be followed by the students to participate in the Community Service Program. DR. Hj. Yuszda K. Salimi, M.Si, Head of The Institute of Research and Community Service of UMGo, reported that the total number of participants of this program is 275, consist of 20% men and 80% women. In addition, 180 are Regular Participants and 95 are Non-Regular Participants. “They will be placed in 30 Villages in North Gorontalo County, distributed in Kwandang, Tomilito, Gentuma Raya and Atinggola Subdistrict and some others will be placed in Puncak, Ulapato and Timuato.” Said Yuszda.  “This Community Service Program is mainly aimed at developing the participants’ knowledge, experience and their community social development. These skills look at how the students can empower local people to develop rural potentials.” She added. 

The 12th Community Service Program will start on March 2 – April 15, 2018, with three days of Coaching and Instruction Agenda at the beginning of the program. In this Coaching Program, the invited speakers are UMGo officials and local government representatives. “We hope that the participants really focus on this Coaching and Instruction Program. So, they can execute and reach the goal of the program.” Said Yuszda. She added that it is important to create synergy and good partnership between the students and local goverment through Rural Development Program. “The Committee have already confirmed the place for the participants to stay thorughout program execution.” She adde

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